Map. History of Fifa 2018 conflict

22 9月 2018

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According to this social media post, an Uzbek citizen tried buying World Cup tickets at the FIFA ticketing office in Moscow only to be turned around because "sales to Central Asians have been halted"
4 月 前
Putin on Thursday to hold a meeting of the Supervisory Board on preparations for the World Cup
FIFA warns Trump on ethics rules after tweet about lobbying for World Cup in US
Volgograd World Cup stadium is already collapsing.
"Stay away from the WorldCup in Russia.". That's @RebHarms (Greens) message to EU governments. "Putin is not a good host for the cup while the war continues in Ukraine/Syria [] Democratic governments should not support him in his staging." Backed by 60 MEPs so far
Dozens of EU Parliament MEPs call on EU governments to stay away from Putin's WorldCup - free world governments must not contribute to Putin's self-staging as legitimate and equal leader.
46 members of the European Parliament have so far signed a letter addressed to all EU government urging a diplomatic boycott of the World Cup 2018 in Russia
It's propaganda
ISIS-linked media groups rallying for attacks on 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia by the recurring playbook: incitement artwork, suggesting which types of attacks to perform, targets to aim for, etc.
Russian Ambassador to football fans: "They should come because last month we launch 5G and that's five times faster than 4G."
Russian Ambassador: majority of the world doesn't support the British so I hope everyone will come to the World Cup
5 月 前
Iceland announces diplomatic boycott of 2018 World Cup in Russia
A spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry says Foreign Secretary is "poisoned with hatred and anger" after Boris Johnson suggested Russian president Putin would use the World Cup in Russia in the same way Hitler used the 1936 Olympics to bolster his country's image
Boris Johnson comparing Russia and Putin hosting the World Cup this summer to Hitler and the Berlin Olympics in 1936
UK demands Russian guarantees over World Cup fan safety: Johnson
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says it would be wrong to punish England players by withdrawing from the World Cup in Russia but says fan safety is important
FIFA's ruling council approves video review system to help World Cup referees in Russia.
England manager Gareth Southgate says the team are "desperate" to play at the World Cup in Russia but he has no influence over whether the team will go
We will look at security and protection of any UK football fans travelling to the World Cup in Russia - UK PM May
Skripal incident provocation ahead of Russia's presidential election, FIFA world cup - Federation Council - IFX
Johnson even threatens to pull out of World Cup if Russia behind Skripal poisoning
Russia cuts term of stay of North Korea workers to 1 year, no deportation in progress - Interior Ministry official
The Russian government says a plague of locusts could "disgrace" the country by destroying World Cup pitches. Locusts often feast on crops in southern Russia and a member of the agriculture ministry says they could descend on stadiums.
FSB has asked companies to stop work at factories with dangerous activities during the upcoming World Cup
Mutko steps down as 2018 World Cup organising committee chief: agencies
Doctor sacked by Fifa was investigating alleged Russian football doping
British and Russian police working closely to prevent hooligans from spoiling 2018 World Cup
Saudi king meets with FIFA president in Riyadh
FIFA bans Peru captain Paolo Guerrero for one year after positive test for cocaine, ruling him out of World Cup.
Draw table for Fifa 2018 in Moscow
World Cup draw: Portugal at the top of the second group
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