Map. History of Fifa 2018 conflict

15 December 2017
FIFA bans Peru captain Paolo Guerrero for one year after positive test for cocaine, ruling him out of World Cup.
Draw table for Fifa 2018 in Moscow
World Cup draw: Portugal at the top of the second group
World Cup draw: Russia at the top of the first group
The Rodchenkov diaries: Minister of sport discussed cheating and a vast conspiracy to transport hundreds of ounces of *normal* urine to Sochi
ISIS supporters aren't slowing down with threats and incitements to FIFA: Suggesting attacks on players attendants
IS points out host cities of FIFA World Cup in Russia2018 and announces a bloodbath
TASS: Contractor denies reports of lack of emergency exits at Samara World Cup stadium.
ISIS again threatens Messi and Neymar at Fifa2018 in Russia
IS insists to threaten FIFA world cup in Russia
Pro ISIS group behind series of images calling for Islamic State to target FIFA #WorldCup2018 publish poster threatening LionelMessi
Blatter says he is going to World Cup at Putin's invitation
UAE urges Qatar to give up 2022 World Cup to end Sunni Arab boycott
Saudi crown prince congratulates Egyptian president on qualifying to the World Cup in telephone call —SPA
Celebration in Egypt as team qualified for Fifa-2018
In Nizhny Novgorod, another fire - Stadium for Fifa-2018
Nizhniy Novhorod stadium for #FIFA2018 caught on fire
AFP map showing countries that host North Korean workers, according to reports by the UN and academics
Emergency situation declared in Rostov region of Russia, cause of fire in Rostov-on-Don
Vice-Governor of Saint-Petersburg Albin: roof of Zenit-Arena are being destroyed by the cormorants
Many houses are on fire in Rostov-on-Don
In Rostov, Russia, there's large-scale fire: 500 residents evacuated. Locals believe it is arson linked to #WC2018
Qatar to build World Cup stadium shaped like Arabian cap
As of August 2017, only 33% stadiums at FIFA #WC2018 in Russia are ready; infrastructure remains inadequate
Construction of Samara Arena for Fifa 2018
Construction of new stadium for Fifa-2018 in Kaliningrad
Storm at new Zenith-Arena
Russian deputy PM rebuffs allegations in US senators' letter to FIFA chief
Fire at Samara-Arena in Samara for Fifa-2018
Qatar scrambles to bypass boycott to host 2022 World Cup